Research focus

All GRC subdivisions were given the opportunity to participate in the orientation and focus of the research activities and to name their own questions from their environment.

Three main topics were given the highest priority in the association:

a) Social development
b) Resource management
c) Resilience

Needs for action were identified for the following topics and translated into research projects:

• the impact of demographic change on civil protection (KOPHIS)
• improved protection of critical infrastructure (NeuENV)
• demand-oriented integration of volunteers (INKA, COBACORE)
• optimal coordination and deployment of personnel resources (CRISMA, SPIDER, WAKE, SiKoMi)
• improved integration of spontaneous offers of assistance in disaster management 
• strengthening the self-help capacity of the population (INVOLVE, NeuENV, KOPHIS, BuildERS)
• improved risk communication before and during damage events (K3, Alert4All)
• socio-spatial networking on site (ResOrt, KOPHIS, INVOLVE, WAKE, SiKoMi, BuildERS)
• disaster services of the future (INVOLVE, WAKE)

In order to be able to answer these questions to clarify the needs for action, the contents of the topics must be considered from different points of view. The research work is an ongoing process that offers more and more impulses for action and new approaches for solutions.

In principle, consideration must always be given to which aspects must be included and which collaborations must be concluded in order to be able to carry out far-sighted and sustainable research.

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