Ongoing projects

In view of continuous social developments and potential new threats, the German Red Cross (GRC) is intensifying its research activities. In order to achieve this goal, existing structures and processes of the Association for Disaster Prevention and Management are to be analysed and more closely interlinked. The research projects carried out by the GRC General Secretariat are an important element in the implementation of this strategy. 

  • In the AUPIK research project, pilot concepts and educational materials are being developed which aim to ensure close and sound cooperation between disaster management and outpatient care structures for needs-based support of people cared for at home in crisis situations.

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  • BuildERS - Build European communities' resilience and social capital

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  • WAKE - Migration-related knowledge management for civil protection of the future

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  •  SiKoMi - Security cooperations and migration

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  • ResOrt - Resilience through social cohesion - The role of organisations

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  • The research project RESIK aims at the interaction of disaster management and hospital structures and thus focuses on the sometimes highly vulnerable group of patients.

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