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German Red Cross (GRC) services in Germany

First Aid: Find courses now!

First aid: Being able to help people in emergency situations must be learned! Therefore, you can find different courses and first aid tips & instructions at the GRC.

Our work in Germany

The German Red Cross (GRC) takes a leading role in comprehensive welfare services across Germany. Our commitment extends to supporting refugees, the elderly, individuals with disabilities, and children. Through dedicated volunteers and specialized programs, we strive to enhance the well-being of diverse communities, contributing significantly to the overall welfare of individuals throughout the country.

GRC Tracing Service

The GRC Tracing Service supports people who have been separated from their loved ones by armed conflicts, disasters, flight, displacement or migration. It helps them find their loved ones and reunite families.

Foto: Ein Senior, ein Mädchen und eine Frau

For seniors

Life situations change in old age. We support you and work with you to find individual solutions - from outpatient care to home emergency calls.

Kinder, Jugend und Famile

For children, teenagers & families

Our child, youth and family services are as diverse as your family life can be. From the daycare center on the corner to the virtual parent campus.

DRK, Behinderte, Essen, Fahrdienst, Fahrdienst Behinderter

For people with disabilities

Increase the quality of life for people with disabilities and support family members or friends in helping you. We are always available for questions of care, health, work and education or leisure activities.

Migration, Integration, Traum-Netzwerk, DRK

For migrants

Protect refugees and other migrant groups, uphold their rights and dignity, and support them in their participation in society (inclusion). In doing so, we focus on the wishes and needs of the people.

Old clothes

Give your clothes a second life! Whether a bad purchase, too tight or too wide - or simply no longer your style: your discarded outfit gets a second chance in the GRC clothing stores. And maybe make one person happy.

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Flüchtlinge, Migration, Integration, Arzt, Asyl, Asylbewerber, Sprachkurs, lernen, Sprache, Deutsch, Unterricht, Deutschunterricht

The GRC is an umbrella organization of the Independent welfare services

Welfare includes all organizations that provide welfare services in accordance with their statutes. The GRC is also the umbrella organization of the non-statutory welfare organizations. This includes organizations that have joined together in the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft der Independent welfare services (BAGFW). For this, our activities must cover the whole of Germany and we give a guarantee of constant, comprehensive and professionally qualified work.

Water rescue and mountain rescue

Explore the commitment of the German Red Cross in ensuring community safety and well-being. Our specialized units in Water Rescue, Mountain Rescue, and general Rescue Services are dedicated to providing life-saving assistance in diverse scenarios, from water emergencies to challenging mountain terrains.

Beyond emergency response, Germany's robust blood donation system ensures a stable supply for critical medical treatments. Whether you aspire to contribute to life-saving missions, support local communities, or engage in civil protection efforts, our organizations provide meaningful opportunities for individuals.

Water rescue

When deployed to swimming pools, rivers, lakes and the sea, the GRC water guards not only save lives, but also train lifeguards and teach young and old how to swim.

Mountain rescue

Nearly 13,000 people require emergency medical care from Mountain Rescue volunteers each year.

Helferübung des Rettungsdienstes

Civil protection

Tens of thousands of volunteers are involved, for example, in the emergency teams of the German Red Cross (GRC) to provide rapid assistance in the event of floods, major accidents and other emergencies. The helpers of the mountain and water rescue teams and the rescue dog teams supplement the rescue service in special situations with their special knowledge.

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