Help now - we need you!

Join us now and care for, help and protect people in Germany and around the world - based solely on the measure of need!

The focus is on people

Many talents and one idea: helping people in need. That's what the Red Cross is all about. And we are pleased that you are interested in it. Because you are needed! Whether in a voluntary or full-time position - the GRC offers a wide range of opportunities.


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Career with the GRC

What is the purpose of my work and how do I make a difference? As the German Red Cross, we not only ask these questions, but also provide concrete answers - in all our fields of work and together with many helpers who are committed to the GRC.

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In the volunteer services of the German Red Cross, committed people get to know new facets of life, gain practical insights into humanitarian work and broaden their personal horizons.

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Voluntary at the GRC

People take centre stage - volunteering with the GRC. Whether it's caring for the elderly, helping after accidents or disasters, providing services in clothing banks and many other opportunities! Our volunteer work is as diverse as the Red Cross itself.

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