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Volunteering with the GRC

To help people can be incredibly enriching. Anyone who seeks a humanitarian role between school and university, or who wants to colour his everyday life, can become a volunteer for the GRC.

There are many reasons for helping other people. Some people seek a human compensation for their timed, demanding working life. Others do not want to start studying directly after finishing school, but prefer practical experience to theory. And there are people who seek a new role, a new inspiration for their future path of life. They all are welcome to volunteer for one of the roles with the German Red Cross.

The German Red Cross offers three types of voluntary services:

  • Voluntary social year,
  • Federal volunteer service and
  • International voluntary services.
  • Chances and opportunities of voluntary services


    There are many reasons for volunteering. Volunteers are able to...

    • Experience what they achieve through their commitment.
    • Take over responsibility for other people
    • Gain practical insights into different operational areas.
    • Gain new competencies or adapt existing ones
    • Increase their chances for a trainee position, a place to study or a job.

    Through their service, volunteers acquire skills that they benefit from personally and that can be enriching. In exchange with colleagues and through their work in teams, they improve their communication and cooperation skills. Practical training takes place in seminars, and new perspectives and skills are gained directly in the field. These activities strengthen self-confidence, broaden the horizon and give volunteers of all ages important ideas for a varied way of life. And those who risk to leave their own country, meet other cultures during an international voluntary service and make friends with people from all over the world.


  • Placements in the GRC

    Text: Placements in the GRC

    Those who want to volunteer for the GRC can choose from a variety of placements in their own country or overseas. In the social field, the GRC offers plenty of placement opportunities. Those who do not already know where to volunteer are invited to a counselling interview with our employees. We are on hand with help and advice for everyone - before, during and after the completion of voluntary services. This counselling is important as we intend to send volunteers to places where they are needed the most: to hospitals, to nursery schools and schools, to retirement homes, to facilities for people with special needs or to the welfare centres of the GRC.


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