Since 2009, the German Red Cross (GRC) has been dealing with processes of social and technical change in a scientific context. On this website we present our research work at the interface to practice. Here you will find all information and materials on ongoing and completed projects, our research publication series (free download) and other publications on our work. 


Launch of the new research project PsychoKat 

(17.06.2022) Life-changing crises and disasters, such as the Corona pandemic or the flood disaster in 2021, often have long-lasting psychosocial consequences for society. The collaborative project PsychoKat, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, aims to investigate these consequences in depth. In collaboration with the working group Interdisziplinäre Sicherheitsforschung (Interdisciplinary Security Research Group) and Fraunhofer FOKUS, a long-term psychosocial situation picture of society is to be developed for this purpose and made usable for aid organizations as well as interested parties through digital solutions. The German Red Cross security research has set itself the particular task of systematizing its own psychosocial emergency care services and deployment structures and, in constant dialogue with deployment practice, designing a standardized pilot intervention feedback form for the entire organization. We are pleased that with the new project, psychosocial emergency care is being taken into the focus of DRK security research. 

A script for building a resilient health infrastructure Teaser Picture

A script for building a resilient health infrastructure

(31.05.2022) During the 18th and 19th May 2022 the RESIK project team took part in an internal project workshop series in Krefeld. On the first day, the project partner "international Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities" (IZEW) of the University of Tübingen gave an overview of the importance of ethical considerations during a hospital evacuation and the establishment of a decentralised care facility. In small groups, relevant ethical aspects were also discussed with regard to the RESIK staff framework exercise coming up in autumn 2022.

On the second day, the GRC conducted a workshop together with the network partners and selected local actors (planning committee). Here, the script for the staff framework exercise in autumn was further developed and coordinated. The workshop focused on the consolidation of the script strands that were developed in parallel. In this context, the milestones of the scenario course, that are required for a successful exercise, were jointly identified. In addition, suitable time markers were defined for the introduction of possible escalation scenarios.  By mid-June, the scripts will be completed and brought together. The script will then be finalised in another workshop on the 21st of June 2022.

BuildERS Board Game Teaser picture

Release of the BuildERS Board Game

(06.05.2022) As part of the European BuildERS research project, our project partners at Geonardo have recently published an educational game. With it, children can playfully learn the correct behaviour in four different disaster scenarios (fire, earthquakes, floods and pandemics) in the form of a board game created for the respective disaster scenario. The game is available for two different age groups: One addressing 7-year-old children and one addressing 10-year-old children.

It has been published in five different languages, including English. The game can be downloaded for free here.

Titelbild Schriftenreihe Band 10, Teil 3

English publication on the cooperation in the context of refugee assistance 2015/16

(15.12.2021) Part 3 of the research publication series Volume 10 offers an English summary of the first two parts and presents key findings of the SiKoMi research project, highlighting challenges and coping strategies that have emerged in the cooperation with different actors on health care. The publication can be download for free here.

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