Publication series - Volume VI: The vulnerable group "elderly people and people in need of care" in crises, major emergencies and disasters

Volume VI of the series deals with elderly people and those in need of care in crises, major emergencies and disasters.

Besides the following publication, two other parts of volume VI have been released, but are not available in English. The publication series in German language can be downloaded on the German version of this website.

Volume VI Part 3

Findings and Possible Solutions - Moving toward a Socio-spatial Approach to Civil Protection

This volume contains findings from practice to research on the extent to which vulnerable groups of elderly persons being cared for at home and people in need of care are affected by crises, large-scale emergencies, and disasters and what their special needs for care and disaster management are. In addition to research-cased information, the formats used and approaches developed for KOPHIS are also presented.

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