Publication series - Volume VIII: Resilient Communities

Volume VIII of the publication series deals with the question how to strengthen community resilience in crises and disasters.

The first part introduces key concepts such as the socio-spatial approach in disaster management, community resilience and the role of the local municipal level in German disaster management. 

Furthermore it takes a look at the presence of local Red Cross chapters in communites and develops ideas for a socio-spatial approach to disaster management. 

Part two introduces a pilot concept on how to strenghten community resilience through networking between disaster management and other community actors. The pilot concept “Resilient Communities” details a participatory process, which brings together different actors in a series of workshops in order to facilitate an exchange of ideas on disaster preparedness, vulnerabilities, resources and appropriate measures to strengthen community resilience. 

The publication series is not a available in English. The German version can be downloaded on the German version of this website.

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