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Voluntary at the German Red Cross

The focus is on people

Many talents and one idea: helping people in need. This is what the Red Cross is all about. And we are pleased that you are interested in it. Because you are needed.

Whether care for seniors, help after accidents or disasters, services in clothing stores or soup kitchens, medical service at events, accompaniment of refugees, child and youth work and much more: the opportunities to volunteer with the GRC are as diverse as the Red Cross itself:

Get involved with the GRC!

This allows you to get involved in a project for a limited period of time. Or you can spontaneously step in as a helper when many helping hands are needed during storm or flood disasters.

You can also become an active member and help shape the Red Cross. We offer plenty of scope for co-determination - for example, you can elect the association's management or take on an office yourself and lead people.

No matter what you decide to do: Anyone who wants to help others can take part. Nobody needs any prior knowledge, because we train everyone who wants to get involved. Those who already have experience can deepen their knowledge with us and specialise.

What you can expect from the GRC

  • Helping together: You become part of a strong community. Local contacts are on hand to provide you with help and advice.
  • Free time management: You decide for yourself how much time you invest in your work at the GRC.
  • Promote strengths: Together with you, we select tasks that match your personal strengths and experience. We will provide you with further training and education.
  • Protective measures and security: The safety of our active employees is our top priority! This is ensured by a wide range of protective measures. Should something happen, you are insured through us.
  • Reimbursement of expenses: Volunteering with the DRK is free of charge. However, you should not incur any costs as a result. That's why we reimburse travel costs and expenses for accommodation and meals at training courses, for example.
  • Awards and appreciation: Your commitment deserves appreciation! This includes free qualifications, for example, but also certificates and - for the particularly hard-working - awards.

Become part of the Red Cross family

What makes it special: Volunteers at the German Red Cross are part of a global humanitarian movement that has been helping people in need for over 150 years. In everything it does, it makes no distinction between friend and foe. Nor does it ask where someone comes from or what they believe in. The only thing that counts is humanity. This conviction is shared by all the volunteers of the 190 Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. That's more than 13 million people worldwide, over 400,000 in Germany alone.

This is us

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