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GRC Strategy: DRK-Strategie 2030

The GRC strategy „DRK-Strategie 2030 - Füreinander da. Miteinander stark.“ was developed between 2019 to 2021 through a participatory process involving GRC volunteers and staff as well as external stakeholders.

The German Red Cross and its work have always been characterized by a constantly changing environment which significantly impacts the way the GRC works. These transformation processes are shaped by, amongst others, demographic trends, new legal frameworks or developments in the political and societal landscape.

For the next ten years, the GRC strategy “DRK-Strategie 2030 – Füreinander da. Miteinander stark.” will provide

  • orientation,
  • provide contextual and organisational guidelines for the GRC and
  • set the course for the future development of the GRC in order to meet the constantly changing needs and requirements more effectively.

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Participation of GRC volunteers and staff

Through a participatory process involving a variety of actors and stakeholders, the GRC community has held numerous discussions and collected a vast number of valuable ideas in the process: Ideas and suggestions of more than 11.000 GRC participants, additional 1000 people interviewed through a national representative survey as well as of expert interviews conducted with a variety of external stakeholders, have been put together to build the GRC strategy “DRK-Strategie 2030”.

Point of Contact for the Project Office Strategie 2030

For more information or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff from the project office.

Nora Hausin
Compliance and Organisational Development

Viet-Chi Pham
Assistant to the Secretary General


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