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The GRC Strategy: Strategie 2030

The German Red Cross (GRC) Strategie 2020 „Helping People, Shaping Society“ was implemented in 2012 as the follow-up strategy to the GRC Strategie 2010plus.

To continue the joint strategic development of the German Red Cross, we intend to build upon the past strategy processes. The aim is to develop the Strategie 2030 together with our volunteers and our staff.

The German Red Cross and its work have been and are continuously influenced by consistent changes of its environment as well as steadily altering challenges. Those changes range from political and societal requirements to demographic trends, new legal conditions and the changes of the voluntary and full-time staff structures within our organisation.

For the next ten years, the Strategie 2030 is supposed to

  • provide orientation, 
  • provide contextual and organisational guidelines for the National Society and 
  • set the course for the future development of the GRC in order to more effectively meet the constantly changing needs and requirements.

The Strategy Process

The strategy process consists of five elements and starts in 2019 with an analysis phase, during which we primarily gather information. Based on the results and findings of the analysis phase, we will be able to identify focus areas, which will then serve as the foundation for shaping a vision and define goals. Building on these elements, we will formulate a strategy, that will result in a strategy paper. The strategy paper is set to be adopted by the National Assembly of the German Red Cross in the fall of 2020. The fifth component includes the identification of measures and the operational implementation of the strategy. This phase is the most vital element of the strategy process and is planned to be initiated in 2021. The strategy can only be successful if our volunteers and our staff across the various levels within our organisation put words into action by implementing the strategy formulated.


Contextual Framework for the Development of the Strategie 2030

Our mandate, our Fundamental Principles and our ideals make up the core of the German Red Cross. It is therefore essential to constantly point out the key elements of the GRC both within and outside of our organisation. For this, the subject of the GRC family and the core elements of the GRC – our mandate, our Fundamental Principles and our ideals – will constitute the focal points of the Strategie 2030. Therefore, the analysis phase in 2019 will be dedicated to the following questions:

How is the German Red Cross currently received by different actors within and outside of the GRC?
This question will be discussed in particular under the aspects of organisational culture, image and the overarching theme complex consisting of our mandate, Fundamental Principles and ideals.

Which developments are expected for the GRC with regard to the year 2030?
We want to identify crucial challenges that lie ahead and collect new ideas and approaches, that can help us to meet those challenges. For this, the trends and drivers of change identified by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) can be used as a basis for the discussions.

Integration of the National Society

In order to discuss and examine those two questions in 2019, all volunteers and staff of the GRC as well as the public are invited to participate in the consultation phase through online and offline formats. The aggregated findings will serve as the common basis for the discussions surrounding the strategy subject in 2020. The aim is to encourage a broad participation – it is only through joint efforts that we can address the challenges that lie ahead of us. All interested people can participate in an online survey. Furthermore, the National Society is encouraged to discuss and engage with the strategy subject in workshops, working groups or further events at all levels of the organisation. For this, a tool box is provided which contains a selection of method guidelines for organising a meeting or a conference.

Point of Contact for the Project Office Strategie 2030

Given the current pandemic situation, the strategy prozess has been extended for one more year. More information will follow in the fall of 2020.

For more information or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff from the project office.

Nora Hausin
Compliance and Organisational Development

Viet-Chi Pham
Assistant to the Secretary General


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