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GRC volunteering placements for people from overseas

Also for people from overseas, there are many opportunities to volunteer in Germany. The so-called "incoming programme" of the GRC offers interested, young people from all over the world exiting experiences.

Voluntary services are a secure way of civic commitment and are usually limited to a12-month period. Interested people can apply for a role in health or elderly care, at social service providers like youth welfare services or children aid services or in the field of education. The incoming programme for the GRC can be completed as a sponsored voluntary service regulated by law: as a voluntary social year, as a federal volunteer service, as a European Voluntary Service (EVS), or within the "weltwärts South-North" programme.

  • Why should I volunteer for the German Red Cross?

    During volunteering for the German Red Cross

    • You will experience what is achieved through your commitment.
    • You will improve your language skills
    • You will take over responsibility for other people.
    • You will gain practical insights into different operational areas.
    • You will gain new competencies or adapt existing ones.
    • You will increase your chances for a trainee position, a place to study or a job.

    Volunteering is enriching for everyone. Through the exchange with colleagues and through working in teams, you will improve your communication and cooperation skills. During seminars, participants can strengthen their practical experience and can prove their new perspectives and skills directly in the field. These activities strengthen self-confidence and give valuable ideas for a varied way of life.

  • Requirements for participation

    The requirements to participate in the incoming programme depend on the type of role the participant decides on. Requirements for participants are:

    • They are ready for intercultural exchange 
    • They are interested in social commitment 
    • Germany is not their home country
    • They have a residence permit that complies with §18 Residence Act (employment permit)
    • They possibly have a police clearance certificate (country of origin)
    • They are at least 18 years old 
    • They have a general knowledge of the German language (e.g. language course 
    • before or after entering Germany) 
    • Third-country nationalities have to apply for a visa, specially issued for volunteering in 
    • Germany, in their country of origin.
    • They participate in the respective education programme
  • Costs

    The costs for voluntary services depend on the programme. For example, some programmes take over the travel expenses, others not. Some programmes are able to provide accommodation, others not. Our institutions will inform you about the respective costs of the programme you choose. Whatever programme you choose from, you will receive pocket money during volunteering and you will be compulsorily insured.

  • How do I apply?

    You can apply for a voluntary role at the regional institution of the GRC. For the respective institutions and their contact details, please refer to:

  • Where can I find more information?

    For information about the respective funding and incoming programmes, please refer to the following sites:


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