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Responsible utilisation of donations

The German Red Cross raises funds for disaster relief operations and its international development work abroad, and for securing its key tasks in the German sections. Every year the DZI (German Central Institute for Social Issues) awards the GRC with its seal-of-approval to certify that GRC activities are compliant with the voluntary rules of charitable fund-raising organisations. It is only with your help that the GRC's constant readiness to provide international humanitarian aid can be secured.


Our infrastructure, financed with your support, includes a pool of 500 qualified disaster relief workers who are given regular training and further education. In our international projects, we rigorously ensure that all donations are properly and correctly utilised. Each and every project is implemented with a qualified financial delegate. The bookkeeping is managed entirely by the GRC National Headquarters in Berlin. On location, the project teams can only make independent decisions for sums of up to Euro 1 000. All sums exceeding that must be countersigned by the GRC National Headquarters. Sums of up to Euro 50 000 require one signature, those over 50 000 Euro two signatures. Any expenditure exceeding Euro 250 000 or higher requires the approval of the allocation committee with the executive committee’s participation. 

German Red Cross fundraising advertising

German Red Cross fundraising only uses means which are both effective and reputable. This is a list of the key service providers key service providers with which the GRC works in its fundraising advertising.


  • International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement
  • German Network of Statutory Welfare Organisations (BAGFW)
  • German Association for Public and Private Care
  • German Committee for Disaster Preparedness
  • Aktion Mensch (charity)

Associated legal entities

  • DRK Service GmbH
  • DRK-Stiftung Zukunft für Menschlichkeit (GRC Foundation Future of Humanity)
  • Stiftung für Rotkreuz-Auslandshilfe (Charity for Red Cross International Relief)
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