The research project BuildERS aims at strengthening societal resilience, including the most vulnerable groups, against natural and man-made hazards. Technology, trust networks, institutional and community capabilities are in the focus of the research.

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Globally, the amount and the frequency of disasters are rising rapidly and posing challenges on communities and individuals. Supporting local communities to prevent, withstand and heal from any disaster is fundamental in minimizing potential crises and losses. There is urgency to focus more on vulnerable groups in society. As defined as a working definition in Volume VI Part 1 of the publication series:"Groups of people are considered vulnerable when they are, for various reasons, dependent upon other people on a regular basis and long-term for vital assistance and do not have access to resources for dealing with events."

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BuildERS project will look into institutional, community and individual resilience, and will co-design new ways to increase resilience. Within the framework of the research project, the GRC will conduct a case study on past flooding events in Germany to identify vulnerable groups.  

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BuildERS refers to “Strengthening the self-help capacity of the population” and “Socio-spatial networking on site”.

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    Project Partner: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (Finland) – Coordinator, Stockholm University (Sweden), Stavanger University (Norway), Institute for Transport Economics (Norway), University of Tartu (Estonia), University of Trento (Italy), Policy University College (Finland), Estonian Rescue Board (Estonia), Stockholm Environment Institute (Sweden), Positium Ltd. (Estonia), Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd. (Hungary), The Salvation Army (Belgium), University of Tübingen (Germany), Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy), University of Indonesia (Indonesia), George Mason Research Foundation (United States)

    Funding source: European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

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    Project term: 05/2019 - 04/2022

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