SPIDER – Security System for Public Institutions in Disastrous Emergency scenaRios

Content orientation and results

The SPIDER research project set itself the goal of creating a basis for an efficient, cross-organizational exchange of information on the basis of a uniform interface. 

Within the project, the GRC research was able to create the basis for an integrated, intelligent communication and information system for rescue forces, that can enable an efficient emergency process management for all parties involved in the event of a large damage case. For the GRC, the final stage of development has been and still is the integration of the essential information of all actors into the crisis management of the GRC federation and an interface connection to other systems relevant or applied for operational use.


  • Service-Box SPIDER

    Project partner:
    Technical University Dortmund, University Duisburg-Essen, IMS Society for Information and Management Systems mbH, PRO DV Software AG, CKS Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, Police of NRW, fire department of Gelsenkirchen, Catholic Clinic Bochum GmbH, Kölnmesse GmbH

    Founding source: BMBF

    Official project description:SPIDER Dokumentation


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