INVOLVE – Initiate Volunteerism to counter Vulnerability

Content orientation and results:

The INVOLVE research project aims to develop impulses for sustainable disaster services in order to reduce social vulnerability. With the help of qualitatively evaluated interviews with experts and workshops, the conditions for strengthening resilience were specifically examined through disaster services. In cooperation with the project partners involved, three central topics for this question were identified: 

  • the continued existence of voluntary commitments
  • the knowledge of different target groups and their specific needs
  • the networking and cooperation of disaster services with other actors


Publication series Volume IV: "Strengthening of resilience through disaster services" Part 1 to 4 and english version. DRK-Service GmbH.

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Reference to needs for action:

INVOLVE refers to "Strengthening the self-help capacity of the population" and "Disaster services of the future".
















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  • Service-Box INVOLVE

    Project partner: Disaster Research Centre (Free University Berlin), Research Centre for Intercultural and Complex Work Environments (University of Jena)

    Founding source: BMBF

    Official project description:INVOLVE documentation


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