Greece: Relief items and hygiene for refugees

Greece has become the most important stopover for refugees who travel toEurope. The high number of refugees leads to poor circumstances. The GRC supports the Hellenic Red Cross with relief items and hygiene measures.

Whether from Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq: More and more people flee from violence anddeath in their home countries. They often take on long ways full of suffering to find shelter. For many people on the way, Greece is the entrance door to Europe, a world without fear and misery. In 2015, there was a strong growth of refugee numbers in Greece. An average of around one thousand people per day arrived in Greece. Due to this influx of refugees, Greece faces enormous challenges, especially in times of commercial and social crisis. Refugee centres are crowded and agencies have to deal with work overload.Therefore, the situation for new arrivals is catastrophic. Health care, clean water and food are missing, many people sleep on the bare floor. This situation also leads to poor hygienic conditions. Therefore the GRC offers hygiene packages, coats, baby carriers and backpacks.

  • Hygiene packages and other relief items for 20 000 refugees

    GRC provided 5 000 coats, 2 000 backpacks and 1 000 baby carriers. Why baby carriers? The answer is simple: Because many families have more than one child, with a baby carrier they can carry their baby on their body and take their other children by their hand while travelling. That facilitates the journey and helps keeping the families together.

    To prevent the spreading of diseases, about 20 000 hygiene packs were delivered to Greece and handed out to refugees. Men and women received washing powder, a towel, shampoo, soap, toothpaste and a toothbrush as well as shavers and sanitary pads. The packages for babies contained nappies, baby soap, rash cream, a towel and a round nail scissors for babies.

  • More information

    More pictures can be found in our media library.

    On the GRC Youtube channel you will find videos about refugee supportOn her blog post about the project GRC employee Marilena Chatziantoniou describes which items she would pack if she had to flee from her home Also on the GRC blog, GRC employee René Schulthoff reports on the distribution of relief kits in Greece.

  • Support of the Hellenic Red Cross

    The programme is supported by members and volunteers of the welfare centre of the HellenicRed Cross (HRC). The programme also implements two training measures to train new volunteers and strengthen the HRC. In Athens and in the region of Attica relief items are offered to people in four refugee centres. Furthermore, the GRC assists its Greek sister society with the building of local structures. New Red Cross volunteers are recruited and trained to improve the availability of the Red Cross in Greece.

The project

Region: Island of Lesbos, Attica und Athens
Project volume: 400 000 Euro
Funding: Federal Foreign Office and donations
Partner: Hellenic Red Cross (HRC)

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