Collage mit Hilfssituationen in Europa
Arie Kievit/Niederländisches Rotes Kreuz; Serbisches Rotes Kreuz; Ukrainisches Rotes Kreuz; IFRC

GRC international relief in Europe

Recently, Europe has been confronted with a number of crises and challenges: increased vulnerability to natural disasters as a result of climate change, managing flight and migration in the face of rising immigration, the impact of the Corona pandemic, and most recently the outbreak of war in Ukraine. With the aim of reducing the resulting human suffering, the German Red Cross responds to these crisis situations with humanitarian aid based on the needs of the suffering people.

Humanitarian assistance for Ukraine

In order to alleviate the immeasurable suffering of the Ukrainians, the GRC is running an emergency aid project to support both the civilian population in the country and the people fleeing: With the help of a supply line between Poland and Ukraine the affected people receive vital relief supplies.

Emergency aid after natural disasters

Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes or cold spells repeatedly occur in Europe. If the scale is so huge that helpers on the ground are in need of support, the German Red Cross is ready for action: in the past, for example, delegates from Germany have been involved in disaster relief after the severe earthquake in Italy and floods in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Help for refugees

People from areas affected by crises are often forced to leave their homes and seek protection in safe countries. Equipped only with things they can carry themselves, the flight is an exhausting and dangerous venture for them. They lack basic necessities such as food and medical care. Especially in the emergency shelters in Greece and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the German Red Cross assists to improve the situation of refugees.

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