A structure and an overview in crisis situations

The aid workers at the German Red Cross know exactly what has to be done in crises and disasters. Their experience, their interconnection and good relief logistics ensure that the GRC is promptly ready for deployment and, depending on the deployment conditions, can be rapidly on the scene.

It is important to react quickly in an emergency. Very quickly indeed. After all, every minute counts. This speed is partially created by well-established processes, a functioning logistical infrastructure and ready-to-go emergency modules that can be quickly activated and implemented. Thanks to many years of experience and the support of associates and donors GRC has succeeded in providing the expertise and materials that it needs to be promptly on the scene and once there to be able to act efficiently for people in need. This always takes place in close coordination with and in support of the local Red Cross or Red Crescent Society.

Ready for flight—the technical units of the GRC

The Red Cross does not have its own fleet of aircraft, but in case of need it approaches experienced charter specialists and freight forwarders. The type of aircraft best suited for the deployment in question is selected from a large pool. To do so, the goods to be transported must first of all be determined exactly in terms of their weight, volume and the number of individual parts. Supplies are also transported by sea and HGV to the deployment locations. Procurement is fundamentally always local or regional, keeping costs low and being most likely to meet the specific needs.

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