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Tiffany Circle

With the Tiffany Circle, an international network of women has been developed that jointly supports the humanitarian mission of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Who we are

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We are women who have achieved success in our private and professional lives and are using our time, know-how and financial means to promote the humanitarian mission of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and support its work for people in need. The German Red Cross alone is active in more than 50 countries around the world. Its workforce, mostly volunteers, provides assistance to people affected by disasters, conflict and other emergencies, at home and abroad. They save lives, ensure survival and offer hope where there is little. In doing so, they act in keeping with the first and most important of the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: humanity. Hence the motto of the Tiffany Circle Germany: Women For Humanity. 


What we do

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In the Tiffany Circle of the German Red Cross, together with our founding members, Janina Kugel, Virginie Briand and Stephanie Schorp, and across our network, we want to provide effective assistance to people in conflict and disaster regions and also in health or social emergencies – irrespective of where they live, the political views they hold and the religion they practice as well as their skin colour, social status or culture. We donate our time and knowledge and deliver support through our financial means. We spread the word about the humanitarian work of the Red Cross and motivate others to join with us.


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We network

We network nationally, but also internationally. Our common goal is to foster the intercultural exchange of experiences and the enjoyment of communal giving. Together we can achieve more and make better use of synergies.

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We act

We want to use our experience, networks and financial means to help people in need. Our assistance is targeted, coordinated and long term in nature to maximise its impact.

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We communicate

We want to motivate people to get involved in social initiatives. To this end, we focus attention on humanitarian aid matters and together with the German Red Cross ensure that the necessary knowledge is shared.

What we want to achieve

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We stick around when others leave. We provide support where possibly no one is looking. It is precisely these forgotten crises that we seek to highlight. Different emergencies often attract varying levels of media interest and public attention. This also has an impact on people’s willingness to donate. The Tiffany Circle Germany is looking to change this and, through projects of the German Red Cross, wants to help people whose suffering is hardly noticed or has been completely forgotten. Long-term engagement is a must, as only then can assistance be planned and project funding ensured. This is where the Tiffany Circle Germany comes in. Our supporters provide a measure of security through their annual donation of EUR 10,000.

Do you want to get involved in something meaningful?

Join us in the Tiffany Circle and inspire others to play an active role in shaping the future and promoting social cohesion. Let’s discuss what your involvement in the Tiffany Circle might look like.

Contact us: A.Krzonkalla(at)drk(dot)de

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How it all began

The name Tiffany Circle and the annual contribution of EUR 10,000 were not chosen arbitrarily. Tiffany Studios, named after the painter and glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, was commissioned in 1917 to produce three stained glass windows. Two of the leading women’s philanthropic organisations at the time, one in the north and the other in the south of the US, covered the costs of USD 10,000.

The ‘Tiffany Windows’ therefore symbolise unity and reconciliation after the American Civil War. They still adorn the American Red Cross administrative headquarters in Washington D.C. and therefore lent their name to the first Tiffany Circle in the US.

Women in the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

Driven women have always played a key role in the history of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement as pioneers of a global idea.

Luise von Baden, for example, founded the Women’s Association of Baden back in 1859, from which later emerged the first Red Cross sorority in Germany. She asserted the rights of women and provided them with a path to independence through nursing training. In the US, Clara Barton founded the American Red Cross in 1881, not least because of her experiences in the American Civil War. We women in the Tiffany Circles are continuing this tradition.

Are you enthusiastic about the Tiffany Circle initiative? Do time constraints prevent you from playing an active role?

We understand. Please consider supporting the work of our network with a donation, as every donation helps people in need.

 Vertreterinnen der Tiffany Circle mit Jagan Chapagain, Generalsekretär der Internationalen Föderation der Rotkreuz- und Rothalbmondgesellschaften
Tiffany Circle representatives with Jagan Chapagain, Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
(source: ©G. Maillot)

Tiffany Circle – international network

Like the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement itself, the Tiffany Circle is also established as an international network and therefore part of a global idea. Women founded the first Tiffany Circle in 2006 together with the American Red Cross. Over the years, further Circles have been set up in Canada, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The Tiffany Circles now encompass more than 1,300 women. The latest member of this network is the Tiffany Circle Germany, which is in the process of being established. All groups follow the same tenets, foster international exchange and are guided by the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross. Together, they have raised more than USD 195 million in donations for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. At the global level, the Tiffany Circle International Council is responsible for the strategic direction and expansion of the network, among other things.

The individual Tiffany Circles are represented by the International Council.


Alina Krzonkalla
Philanthropic Engagement

Phone: +49 (0)30 / 85 404 204
E-mail: A.Krzonkalla(at)drk(dot)de

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