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Tiffany Circle

The Tiffany Circle is an international network of women who are united in supporting the humanitarian mission of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Our mission

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Humanitarian needs are vast and will increase further in the years and decades ahead, due in no small part to climate change. Not all crises receive the same level of public attention, however, and not all of the countries and regions affected are supported according to their humanitarian needs. People suffer in silence away from the media spotlight. We want to give them a voice. The Tiffany Circle unites women committed to doing more than simply donating money – women who provide hope and optimism, in the immediate and long term.

Vertreterinnen der Tiffany Circle mit Jagan Chapagain, Generalsekretär der Internationalen Föderation der Rotkreuz- und Rothalbmondgesellschaften

Founded in 2006 in the US with the aim of helping people in need, there are already Tiffany Circles in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands and Switzerland, with more than 1,300 women involved. We are establishing a Tiffany Circle in Germany in 2023 under the umbrella of the German Red Cross.

Our founding members

Gründerinnen, Stephanie Schorp, Virginie Briand und Janina Kugel

Together with our founding members, Stephanie Schorp, Virginie Briand and Janina Kugel, we want to motivate women in Germany to become part of this exceptional network. Read on to find out why our founding members are active in supporting the Red Cross. 

Our founding members

Your involvement matters

The women who get involved in the Tiffany Circle worldwide are motivated by factors that are as varied as the tasks undertaken by the Red Cross. But all share the same belief – that we can achieve something in the world when we combine our strengths.

Commitment to humanity

You will support people in need in ways that are in keeping with the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross. You will help them to overcome challenges and strengthen their resilience so that they can determine their own destiny.  

Intercultural exchange

The Tiffany Circle of the German Red Cross is part of the international Tiffany Circle network. Cooperation with other accomplished women will give you opportunities for a valuable exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing across industries. You will also gain a comprehensive insight into the work of the Red Cross and find fresh impetus through this shift in perspective.

Tangible project progress

You will hear at first hand the challenges faced by people in the conflict and disaster regions in which the German Red Cross is active. You will get a personal overview of project progress and help to decide how donations can be used effectively and usefully.

Rote Kreuz Helferinnen sprechen mit anderen Frauen

Wanted: contributors to humanity

For the Tiffany Circle Germany, we are looking for pioneers, doers and initiators – women who want to use their personal skills, time and financial means to make a difference, determined philanthropists with forward-thinking ideas, visionaries who can communicate in a way that motivates and enthrals. Women for whom humanity, diversity and cohesion are more than just words. Because they know: we all benefit from the common good.

Would you like to get involved in the Tiffany Circle Germany or do you have any questions? We’re here to help.


Alina Krzonkalla
Philanthropic Engagement

Phone: +49 (0)30 / 85 404 204
E-mail: A.Krzonkalla(at)drk(dot)de

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