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GRC refugee relief abroad

The GRC is committed to helping refugees in many crisis regions. Around 79,5 million people worldwide are refugees – one percent of the world's population. The Syrian crisis remains the biggest humanitarian operation of the GRC abroad. Over nine years after the outbreak of the conflict the humanitarian situation in and around this country remains catastrophic: 12.9 million people are seeking refuge, mostly within Syria, but also outside of their homeland, mainly in the neighbouring countries, and more than 13 million people in Syria depend on humanitarian aid. 

In Syria the GRC works closely together with its affiliate organisation, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. The GRC has its own staff on the ground in Damascus, who are coordinating the relief work. We also assist Syrian refugees in the severely affected neighbouring countries of Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. In 2016/17 we cooperated with the Greek Red Cross and provided medical aid for refugees in Nea Kavala and Kordelio, near the Idomeni camp in Greece. We additionally ditributed hygiene kits to those affected at four different locations in Athens, Attica and on the island of Lesbos. Refugees crossing Bosnia-Herzegovina were supplied with humanitarian goods like food, clothes and hygiene kits by the GRC in 2019.

Another focus of our refugee aid is Bangladesh, where nearly one million people from neighbouring Myanmar are seeking refuge. Since the beginning of the crisis in 2017, the German Red Cross has been supporting the Bangladesh Red Crescent in supplying people in need with medicine, water, food and materials for housing construction.

Moreover, the German Red Cross has been present in Sudan for over ten years. We assist people in Yemen, in Uganda and in Colombia.

Projects we support:

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    Syria: Humanitarian Emergency Aid

    After years of conflict, Syria is largely in ruins. More than half of the former population have lost their livelihoods and are widely dependent on humanitarian aid. Millions of people are displaced within their homeland. Others have fled outside Syria and often found temporary accommodation in the neighbouring countries, such as Turkey, Iraq and Lebanon. Since 2012, the German Red Cross has been providing humanitarian aid in Syria and the neighbouring countries.
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  • Hilfe für geflüchtete Menschen aus Bangladesch

    Bangladesh: Humanitarian aid for refugees in Cox's Bazar

    Around 900,000 people that have fled from the violence in Myanmar are leading a makeshift life in Bangladesh beeing widely dependent on humanitarian aid. Since their arrival in August 2017, the German Red Cross has been in Action to assist them.
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  • Flucht, Hilfe, Unterstützung, Kurdistan, Autonome Region

    North Iraq emergency relief

    Since early 2014 Iraq has been suffering repeated heavy fighting. With no end in sight, in the meantime more than 3 million people have been displaced within the country.
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  • Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, DRK, Afrika, Auslandshilfe, Entwicklungshilfe, Bevölkerung, Vorsorge, Landwirtschaft, Ernährung

    Uganda: Living with climate change

    The Central African state of Uganda is a country characterised by the aftermath of a civil war, periods of drought, crop failures and epidemics.
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