Aid for the civilian population in the Gaza Strip

GRC aid deliveries
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Overview of the GRC projects

Whether in the event of natural disasters, famine, epidemics or armed conflict: We help people in need - in over 40 countries.Take a look at our current projects.

Overview of the GRC projects
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Our International Red Cross

Humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntariness, unity and universality: with these principles, millions of people give a face to the work of the Red Cross and Red Crescent in over 190 countries.

Our International Red Cross

The German Red Cross

The GRC saves people, helps in emergencies, offers people a community, stands by the poor and needy and oversees international humanitarian law - in Germany and around the world.

We provide worldwide assistance

We are part of the largest humanitarian movement in the world! Under the sign of humanity, we stand up for the life, health, well-being, protection, peaceful coexistence and dignity of all people.

We help in Germany

As a relief organisation in civil protection and disaster management with an auxiliary function and a leading association of the Freie Wohlfahrtspflege (non-statutory welfare organisations), we are committed to promoting favourable and humane living conditions in society.

Support us!

The German Red Cross helps people in need - in Germany and around the world. We urgently need support for this.

Other DRK areas

Get more information on the GRC structure, the tracing service or information about our mandate and tasks.


The German Red Cross saves people, helps in emergencies, offers people a community, assists the poor and people in need; holds and monitors the international humanitarian law - in Germany and all over the the world. Discover the diversity of the German Red Cross!


International humanitarian law in the context of the GRC

It is the task of the Red Cross to disseminate the rules of international humanitarian law so that participants in armed conflicts know and can implement them in an emergency. It is also part of its mandate to demand compliance with international humanitarian law by the parties to an armed conflict.

GRC Tracing Service

The GRC Tracing Service supports people who have been separated from their loved ones by armed conflicts, disasters, flight, displacement or migration. It helps them find their loved ones and reunite families.

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