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Current calls for proposals

The German Red Cross is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent movement, which – with 191 national societies – is the largest humanitarian organization in the world. For more than 150 years we have been providing comprehensive aid to people in conflict situations and disaster areas, in health or social emergencies – without a view of nationality, religion or gender, only according to the degree of their need.

With the support of more than three million members, the GRC each year provides assistance to people in around 50 countries. This work is always guided by our main principle: humanity. As a non-profit organization, the responsible utilisation of the money entrusted to us is our highest priority. That is why we have joined various transparency initiatives. Moreover our funding is regularly reviewed by the Deutsches Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen (DZI – German Central Institute for Social Issues).

Please find here our recent calls for proposals:

Development of a theory of change and two global project proposals for GRCs humanitarian assistance worldwide

We are looking for a consultant to develop two proposals (including logical frameworks, hereafter: logframes) to ensure GRC’s access to quality funding to support NS worldwide. This includes the design of appropriate logics of intervention and adequate ways to measure progress and achievements (indicators) for both Global Projects and optimise synergies between them. An overarching theory of change shall be developed as part of the consultancy to inform this process.

The existing format of two ‘Global Projects’ started in July 2019 with a duration of three and a half years. While Global Project I (GPI) focuses on high-quality and context-specific humanitarian assistance projects to people particularly affected by disasters and crises, Global Project II (GPII) aims at strengthening the wider humanitarian system by developing new innovative approaches to respond to humanitarian needs more effectively.     

The complete offer must be submitted to the client by 04 April 2022 at 12:00h midday (CEST)

The consultancy will focus on 4 tasks: 

  • Together with the GRC International Cooperation division, developing an overarching and common theory of change connecting both projects; 

  • Elaborating the logframes for the operational proposal (GPI) and the thematic proposal (GPII) building on the existing logframes and considering major learnings; 

  • Developing and writing the operational proposal (GPI) and creating linkages to the thematic proposal (GPII) in line with the theory of change; 

  • Developing and writing the thematic proposal (GPII) and creating linkages to the operational proposal (GPI) in line with the theory of change. 

Procurement procedure: The procurement is handled via a public tender 

Reference Number: Ref. 2022-03-001 GP PLANNING GRC 

Download: Bidder questions March 25, 2022
Download: Document and Attachments 

  • ToR Development of a theory of change and two global project proposals for GRCs humanitarian assistance worldwide 
  • Proposal template Federal Foreign Office in English 
  • Declaration of conformity 
  • Checklist for proposal development 
  • Rules of conduct 
  • draft contract


Consultant for Assessment/Developing a Long-term DRM Capacity Building Programme for Social Structure Funding (Kopie 1)

The German Red Cross, in collaboration with the South Sudan Red Cross, is currently looking for a consultant to conduct an in-country assessment and support in the writing of a project concept note, focusing on DRM capacity building of our local partner.

Interested consultants should submit their dossier by 9 January 2022, 8 pm (Europe time zone): Application for SSF Consultancy in South Sudan


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