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Thank you for your donation!

Dear donor,

Thank you for your donation!

We are very pleased that you support our corporate donation program for people in countries suffering from COVID-19.

Your donation will go into the support of frontline healthcare workers, quarantine centers, and vaccination efforts. Our partner, the German Red Cross, allocates the donations depending on the current global needs.

In case you have a German domicile, the donation is tax deductible. You can submit your pass sheets to the collection office when you have donated less than 200 Euros. Starting at 25 Euros you will get a unrequested collective benefits confirmation at the beginning of the following year.

Only together, we are stronger and can fight the pandemic #strongertogether


Your Bayer Corporate Giving team


For any other questions about donation processing please contact the German Red Cross donation service team.

German Red Cross / Deutsches Rotes Kreuz
Carstennstr. 58
12205 Berlin
Fon. +49 (0)30 / 85 404 - 444
Donation account
IBAN: DE63370205000005023307


The German Red Cross is recognized as a charitable organisation for promoting the purposes of an officially recognized organisation of the free welfare care system. As a non-profit organization and after the latest statement from the Tax Office for Statutory Corporations Berlin, tax number 27/027/36500, issued on October 23th, 2017, according to Article 5 (1) (9) of the German Corporate Tax Act, the German Red Cross e.V. is exempt from corporation tax.




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