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Make a match: Contribute to Bayer’s donations to fight COVID-19

Together we have reached 40.000 EURO of 50.000 EURO.
40.000 EURO
50.000 EURO

Dear colleagues,

From the beginning of the crisis, Bayer has donated supplies, products and monetary support to more than 60 countries in excess of 29 million euros. We’re giving financial support to severely affected areas to provide assistance quickly and efficiently. Now we want to continue with our efforts – and you can contribute to our donations! Many employees asked for a coordinated approach to get financial aid to those, who urgently need it.

How it works?

Bayer will match the employees donations up to 50.000 EUR to support the work of the German Red Cross. The money will go into the  support of frontline healthcare workers, quarantine centers, and vaccination efforts The German Red Cross allocates the donations depending on the current global needs.

Here's an example:

Imagine an employee donates 10 Euros to this initiative. Bayer is doubling this amount: In total, 20 Euro are donated to the German Red Cross. All donations up to 50.000 Euro will be matched with this 1:1 scheme. Payments can be made digitally (see payment options below). 

How is Bayer helping in COVID-19 crisis?

Combating the COVID-19 pandemic is an important part of Bayer’s corporate funding programs. Corporate projects and donations as well as our foundations’ activities all reflect our multifaceted approach to combating the pandemic and promoting social aid projects. To this end, we established four focal points that are particularly aimed at providing support for patients and nursing and medical personnel:

  • the provision of products and the use of our facilities and production sites
  • the enhancement of our employees’ competencies and
  • the allocation of financial resources well as the close cooperation with our partners and within our networks.

Please stand with us to support the ones in need!

Thank you!




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