It won't work without you. Become a Christmas saviour!

Due to poverty, crises and natural disasters, the suffering of many people is immeasurable. Become a Christmas saviour! With just one donation you can help to give light, warmth and joy.

Especially at Christmas time – which is the most beautiful time of the year for many of us – it is all the more important to set a sign, a sign against the suffering in this world, a sign for people who live in greatest need, without sufficient food, without a roof over their heads, without a home or without perspective. Children are particularly vulnerable.

Become a Christmas saviour with a donation and support our work worldwide!

Christmas saviour!
For the children of this world

Become a Christmas saviour for children in need. Christmas time is a special time for children. Many infants live in poverty, without adequate food or health care, without educational opportunities or career prospects. But children are supposed to be able to grow up healthy and safe as well as receive attention and education.

» Please donate for the children of this world

Christmas saviour!
For people in need

Getting a Christmas saviour you help people in need all over the world: people who lack security, orientation and often the most basic things to live.
Whether it is a safe place to sleep, warm blankets, nutritious food and drinking water or just a bar of soap with a clean towel – many people are missing all this.

» Please donate for people in need

Thank you!


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