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  1. Aid worldwide

Help, support, prevention are our strengths

The German Red Cross saves peoples lifes, helps in crisis, supports the most vulnerable and advocates humanitarian law and principles - in Germany and abroad. As part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement we attempt to prevent and mitigate human suffering everywhere and at all times.

Besides emergency relief, it is our objective to sustainably strengthen people and structures so that they are better prepared for crises. Disaster preparedness exercises, an early warning system, a functioning rescue service ‑ all these factors can save lives when, for example, the next flood or a cyclone approaches. In long term development cooperation, disaster preparedness, health, nutrition, water, hygiene and securing livelihoods are paramount. 

  • Water

    Everyone has a right to clean water. However, over 633 million people on earth do not have access to water. Making this element accessible for people worldwide, appreciating and protecting it is one of the foremost challenges for the GRC and its partners.
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  • Sustained health care

    The German Red Cross provides support in all areas of basic health care and hygiene. In addition to acute emergency relief in crisis and disaster situations, we implement sustainable health care measures in both medium-term and long-term development cooperation projects.
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  • Resilience

    GRC projects always have the objective to strengthen the resilience of the most vulnerable people and the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to enable them to better cope with crises and disasters in the future.
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  • Refugee Relief

    The GRC is part of a worldwide community that provides aid to victims of conflicts and disasters. Around 79,5 million people all over the world are refugees. Many of them have experienced cruel and traumatic situations are very vulnerable. The GRC helps refugees both at home and abroad.
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  • Food security

    The GRC ensures food security for the poor population in many countries around the world.
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  • Improvement of living conditions

    Extreme weather events but also crises or environmental impacts threaten or destroy the livelihoods of people in many countries worldwide. The German Red Cross supports the affected people to restore, secure and sustainably strengthen their livelihoods.
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  • Shelter

    If a disaster like a tsunami, a typhoon or an earthquake devastates a region, thousands of houses can be destroyed. The GRC helps planning and building accommodations, rebuilding them robust enough to withstand the local threats.
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  • Climate change

    Climate change affects all international activities of GRC. More frequent and stronger extreme weather disasters cause certain diseases to spread (e.g. malaria), while also impeding the safe access to drinking water and potentially aggravating the living conditions of vulnerable population groups. Adapting to the effects of climate change and reducing the humanitarian consequences are central issues for GRCs international cooperation, with a special focus on promoting resilience in disaster-prone regions. To integrate climate change adaptation aspe…
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    Disaster risk reduction

    Earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, crisis and conflicts, again and again cause enormous human suffering worldwide.The GRC provides effective emergency relief; but it also supports National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to analyse disaster and conflict risks, to reduce existing and future risks and to prepare vulnerable communities to be able to respond to crisis and disasters in an effective way.
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