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GRC strategic development 2020: Helping people, shaping society

The German Red Cross successfully implemented its 2010plus strategy in the period from 2004 to 2010. In effect, the German Red Cross has now combined the ability to act with the competence to coordinate a nationwide improvement process without restricting the federal independence of the individual sections.

15 concrete objectives

Our strategy "Helping people, shaping society" has 15 concrete objectives which are to be achieved by 2020. The strategy focuses on people living in serious situations: Those in need of care, the sick, overworked parents, hopeful children and youths, those at risk of exclusion, and of course the needy everywhere in the world. The GRC has adopted this strategy in order to enhance its profile and socio-political relevance and in so doing to strengthen its pillars, made up of voluntary helpers and full-time employees, the members, donors, blood donors and supporters in both state and society.

The most urgent problems

The strategy was based on the results of an analysis of the most urgent problems facing Germany in the next 35 years. For example: fewer children, more senior citizens, a growing need for migration, the decreasing population in rural areas.


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