Jordan: Humanitarian aid for Syrian refugees

Far more than 4 million people have fled Syria since 2011. Over 630 000 of them seek refuge in the neighboring country Jordan. Humanitarian aid and medical care is urgently needed inside and outside the refugee camps. However, the German Red Cross and many other aid organizations are barely managing to meet the basic needs of the Syrian refugees and the Jordanian population.

The GRC organizes among other things cash transfers programs in order to give the beneficiaries the opportunity of being able to at least meet their basic needs. At the same time, the GRC is providing first aid workshops in order to train people in basic medical response and the most important hygiene precautions. In collaboration with the ICRC and JRCS the GRC also provides humanitarian aid by distributing relief supplies in the eastern border areas where many Syrian refugees are stranded in no man's land along the Syrian and Jordanian border.

  • Cash Transfers to cover the most important basic needs

    The refugees in urban settings outside the camps most urgently need money to pay for their rent, food, medical care, education, water and electricity. However, two out of three families in Jordan are living under the poverty line. In particular the families who have already been in Jordan for a long period of time have used up all their resources and need support. The German Red Cross therefore supports 700 families with monthly cash transfers to meet their basic needs and a one-off payment to meet their special needs in the winter.


    First aid courses and awareness raising for health and hygiene

    Refugees usually do not have the information and financial means to be able to benefit from the health care services. They therefore have to be urgently informed and educated about health measures and facilities, how to behave preventatively in everyday life and in what cases they can go to a hospital. The German Red Cross therefore holds first aid courses and provides awareness-raising and educational measures.


    Humanitarian aid for newly arrived refugees

    The Syrian‒Jordanian border often remains closed for weeks or months at a time. The incoming refugees are then stuck in no man's land at the Jordanian border. There they lack any form of essential supplies and services. The distribution of necessary relief supplies in these areas is becoming ever more important and crucial for survival, because the state of health of the refugees from Syria is becoming increasingly worse. The German Red Cross therefore supplies new arrivals with special hygiene kits for women, as well as blankets and other materials that will help them in particular through the cold winter.

  • Hospital for Syrian refugees in the refugee camp of Azraq

    In the refugee camp Azraq, 47 kilometers south of the Syrian border, the Red Cross has supported the medical care of the refugees living there by setting up and operating a hospital between 2013 and the end of 2015. The German Red Cross together with the Finnish Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross and the Canadian Red Cross operated the facility, which was financed by the European Union. Thanks to this hospital, surgical care, wound treatment, anesthesia, internal medicine, gynecology, obstetrics and pediatric needs were met. At the end of 2015 the hospital was handed over to another international aid agency by the Red Cross and Red Crescent associates involved, and therefore continues to be open for the medical care of refugees.


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