Konvoi mit Hilfsgütern für Syrien

Humanitarian Assistance in Syria’s neighboring countries

The number of people who have fled from Syria to the neighboring countrieshas meanwhile risen to over 4.8 million. Most of the refugees have fled toTurkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. The German Red Cross, together with itspartner national societies, is providing humanitarian assistance to the refugeesin those countries trying to cover at least the basic needs by providing food,medicaments and other lifesaving relief items.

The conflict in Syria has become the biggest humanitarian disaster worldwide with majoreffects on the neighboring countries where many Syrians have fled to, seeking refuge andprotection. While part of the refugees in the neighboring countries is living in refugee campsor in host communities, the majority of them are living in makeshift shelters, tentedsettlements or in abandoned buildings.

The challenges in the entire region are huge:

  • Food shortage
  • Increasing shortage of potable water
  • Increasing sanitary and hygiene problems due to missing waste management
  • Increased spread of diseases and at the same time dramatic aggravation of medical care and assistance
  • Difficult energy and fuel supply
  • Decrease in agricultural production resulting in difficulties in the provision of food and rising prices
  • Continuous worsening of the humanitarian situation (more and more people depend on humanitarian assistance, less economic activity)
  • Aggravated access to the people In need
  • Refugees Camps in Turkey


    Currently more than 2.7 million Syrian refugees are registered in Turkey and the
    number is continuously rising. More than half of these registered refugees are
    children. The existing 25 refugee camps can host approximately 250.000 refugees.
    As far as capacities allow, not only Syrians find shelter in these camps, but also
    people that fled the violence in Iraq are hosted here.

    GRC Assistance in Turkey

    Together with the Turkish Red Crescent, GRC provides relief items for distribution in the
    refugee camps. Furthermore GRC supports a Community Center run by the Turkish Red
    Crescent, where different educational programmes and courses to promote income
    generating activities are offered.

  • Jordan


    Currently more than 630.000 Syrian refugees are registered in Jordan. Only some115.000 of these refugees are living in refugee camps. The majority of the refugeeslives in the cities, in host communities or in makeshift shelters.

    GRC Assistance in Jordan

    • Together with the Jordan Red Crescent, GRC assists in Jordan by providing thefollowingCash assistance to cover the basic needs and to respond to winterizationneeds
    • First Aid trainings and sensibilisation campaigns for improving basic health care.
    • Improve access to basic services through improved information Distribution of hygiene articles specifically for women Distribution of relief items for newly arriving refugees along the border

    Read more about the commitment of the GRC in Jordan

  • Lebanon


    Currently more than 1 million Syrian refugees are registered in Lebanon. However, itis to be expected that at least more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees are actuallyresiding in Lebanon. More than half of the registered refugees are women andchildren under the age of 18. Compared to the Lebanese population of roughly 4million, Lebanon ist he number one country worldwide with most refugees per capita.Due to this enormous increase of people living in Syria, the infrastructure and publicservices such as medical care, education, employment and housing market arestretched to a limit. It is extremely difficult for the refugees in Lebanon to make aliving.

    GRC Assistance in Lebanon

    Together with the Lebanese Red Cross, GRC assists in Lebanon by providing the following:

  • Iraq


    Currently more than 245.000 Syrian refugees are registered in Iraq. On top of this there are 3.2 million internally displaced Iraqis. The major part of the affected peopleare seeking refuge in Northern Iraq. Due to the enormous strain on the administration, the social services (public distribution system, health care system,water and electricity supply, education and social services) are extremely limited.

    GRC Assistance in Iraq

    Together with the Iraqi Red Crescent, GRC assists in Iraq by providing the following:

    • Distribution of aircooler during the summer months
    • Winterization assistance through the provision of kerosene for heaters
    • Cash assistance to cover the basic needs and to respond to winterization needs Support fort he construction of semi-temporary shelters for Syrian refugees
    • First Aid trainings
    • Distribution of fire extinguishers
    • Trainings for fire prevention Ausführliche Infos zur Nothilfe des DRK im Irak



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