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Supporting Beirut - Allianz is providing emergency care

Together we have raised 4.159 EURO of 15.000 EURO
4.159 EURO
15.000 EURO

All of us have been heavily affected by the huge explosion which occurred last week in the Lebanese capital Beirut. According to the ever evolving status, around 5,000 people were injured and at least 200people were killed. The force of the blast also left anestimated 300,000 people homeless, which account for more than 10% of the capital city populationAll of this in a year where the country went through severe social unrests, a deteriorating economic situation and a pandemic.

 Following the various spontaneous calls from all of you to contribute and support the country after the tragedy, we have identified and approached the German Red Cross (DRK) as the most efficient way to channel all of our personal contributions to Lebanon and support the affected population. The German Red Cross there is providing first aid kits, tools for building of emergency shelters, medical supplies and Covid-19 protective equipment. You can find the latest upates on the current situation and activities of the GRC and Libanese Red Cross here.

Your donation enables immediate disaster response for people in Beirut via German Red Cross.

Many thanks for your support.

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