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This is the GRC Staff Health website where information about important issues pertaining to staff health can be found. Currently the site focuses on COVID-19 and relevant information. In the update section you can find latest information in regards to the epidemic, staff health guidance and measures taken by GRC. The external information sources provide a list of documents and links where further information can be found. Older information, which has been replaced by information posted under updates, will be stored in the archive.

Please be advised that, as a German Red Cross International Cooperation Staff member, you may contact our Staff Health focal point - Senior Health Advisor Dr Jürgen Ebbing - anytime via Email: hansjuergen.ebbing(at)


In this section the most up to date information about COVID-19 will be made available:

General information


While the pandemic continues to go spread around the world, regions and countries are following different trends and no overall statement can bring justice to the situation in specific locations. While overall guidance is available and more and more knowledge is gained about the virus (SARS-CoV-2) and the disease it causes (COVID-19), these have to be adapted to local contexts to ensure they are appropriate and relevant.

Overview of global situation:

GRC general and Staff Health Guidance:

Please find all relevant background information about COVID-19 and how to protect yourself and others in IFRC’s Staff Health Guidance note and Q&A: (Files attached)

Another excellent resource is the IFRC “Guidelines for Staff in case of COVID-19 infection”. Again it is important to adopt this “global” guideline to the local context in the office, ensuring that relevant information about local health system resources is always up-to-date.

Please find here the GRC communication concerning your personal risk profile:

Please find here the GRC communication concerning Additional guidance: Measures while in office, Advice for returning staff and visitors, Home Self-Monitoring” and Advice on Face masks:

GRC and IFRC follow the guidelines established by WHO on the use of respirators, medical masks and cloth masks. The detailed IFRC guidance is attached below. Certainly, local government regulations need to be followed regardless of international recommendations:

Psychological Support

The further continuing global spread of COVID-19, and what that means for each of us, for our friends and families, and our work, are putting extra workload, stress and sometimes fears and worries on all of us. Some might be better prepared to deal with this, while some of us might not. This is not to be seen as a weakness, but a normal reaction in a time of such uncertainty and potential risk.

We want to remind you all that the GRC contracted PSS coaches continue to be available for you especially for such situations. You should all have the contact information of the coach you met when starting your assignment. If you don’t, please reach out to HR (GRCMissions), who can provide you the contact of the coach “assigned” to you. The contact to your coach will then be direct and confidential.

We would very much like to encourage you to make use of this service when you feel it is required. As well, we would ask you to look out for your friends and colleagues and remind them of the services of the coaches when you think it might be useful. Please revert also to this useful and very easy understandable PS quarantine document from our colleagues from the Honk Kong RC. Nothing really new, but a good reminder of underlying causes of stress while preparing for or experiencing such a situation, and a practical list of DOs and DON’Ts.

Travel advise

GRC Position on travel
Based on the rapidly evolving situation and a thorough discussion within the Team 21 Management-Group on March 5th, we have decided to introduce additional measures, aiming at ensuring our operational continuity and duty of care. These measures replace the Travel Advisory issued on 04 March 2020 (Updated as of 05 April 2020):

  1. Suspension of all international travels by GRC staff, except those deemed essentials for operational continuity. These travels are to be greenlighted by the respective line management. Field staff travel deemed essential need to be notified upon decision making to HQ. Ultimate arbitration lies with Head of International.
  2. Suspension of all trainings, seminars, workshops, as well as internal and external events organized by GRC requiring international travel
  3. Travels and events already on-going can be completed as planned and participants can go back to their duty station, potential travel restrictions by quarantine measures need to be observed.
  4. R&R, whilst also representing a certain risk for both staff members and the organisation, is still granted if it does not hamper GRC’s operational continuity. Destinations must be agreed by line management, taking into consideration an informed decision based on the potential risk of infection, the risk of travel service disruptions and quarantine measures. HQ needs to be notified upon decision making.
  5. Leave and private travel should follow the same principle of informed decision making and use of common sense. Possible restrictions returning to the duty station should be thoroughly considered.
  6. Travel to and from duty station at beginning/end of mission continue to be planned. However, face to face briefing/debriefing in Berlin will be decided individually and possibly replaced by suitable alternative tools. Face-to-face Midterm-Briefings in Berlin are suspended and will be replaced by suitable alternative tools.

The measures for international travel apply for all GRC international cooperation staff until 30 June 2020. This also applies to all GRC organised internal events without international travel. For all trainings, seminars, workshops organized by GRC and requiring international travels the suspension is until 30 June 2020.
We will update you at the end of April, but from today’s perspective we may have to face a further extension of the above measures.


For updated information on travel restrictions, please check the following sites before making any travel plans

Archived information

Older information, which has been replaced by information posted under updates, is made available here.

General information

Staff Health Guidance

Travel advise


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