WAKE - Migration-related knowledge management for civil protection of the future

Content orientation and results: 

The research project aims at developing knowledge management processes between aid organisations, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief and other civil society actors as well as recommendations for action for larger care situations, using the example of the refugee situation in Germany in 2015/16. During this refugee situation, different ad-hoc cooperation between different actors, such as (aid) organisations and authorities, arose in order to cope with the situation. The German Red Cross also cooperated with civil society actors such as associations or refugee initiatives as well as other volunteers. Due to a lack of time and personnel capacities, these ad-hoc cooperation, work processes with partners and developed solutions for problems were often not documented or adequately evaluated. Hence, they cannot be retrieved or adapted at the moment. Therefore, the project WAKE wants to generalise the ad-hoc established structures in order to develop recommendations for action on good practices, lessons learned and cooperation concepts on a pilot basis. The German Red Cross focuses on the analysis and evaluation of cooperation with civil society actors.

Reference to recommendation for Action:

WAKE refers to „demand-oriented integration of volunteers”, “optimal coordination and deployment of personnel resources”, “improved integration of spontaneous offers of assistance in disaster management”, “socio-spatial networking on site” and “disaster services of the future”. 

  • Service-Box WAKE

    Project Partner: Disaster Research Unit/Freie Universität Berlin (consortium leader), Federal Agency for Technical Relief, Institute of Rescue Engineering and Civil Protection/Technische Hochschule Köln, Johanniter-academy/ St. John Accident Assistance

    Associated Partner: Workers' Samaritan Federation, Malteser Emergency Service, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, European Network on the Development of Volunteering, Austrian Red Cross, Johanniter Österreich Ausbildung und Forschung gGmbH

    Funding source: Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Research for Civil Security

    Website WAKE:www.wake-project.eu

Survey on the refugee aid mission 2015/16

A nationwide internal DRK online survey was conductes as part of the WAKE research project. The poll also included a set of questions from the SiKoMi research project. Information on the survey, the publication of the results as well as the entrie questionnaire can be downloaded here (in German).


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