SiKoMi - Security coordination and migration

Content orientation and results:

The research project SiKoMi deals with security cooperation using the example of the refugee situation in Germany in 2015/16. The project aims to secure the knowledge gained in qualification concepts and knowledge management systems. The German Red Cross was, along with other actors such as municipalities, the police and security services, extensively active in refugee assistance. Many of the new challenges could not be overcome by individual (aid) organisations or authorities alone, which led to ad-hoc cooperation developed between different actors. This was also the case in, for example, the emergency shelter operated by the German Red Cross in Berlin-Lichtenberg. In this case the German Red Cross worked together with various authorities, social agencies and other initiatives to ensure the care of the approx. 1000 residents. However, management processes with partners, workflows and developed solutions for problems were often not documented due to time constraints. This means that recourse to proven methods and solutions in future, similar situations is only possible to a limited extent. In this context, the aim of the SiKoMi project is to systematically process and evaluate the various forms of cooperation during the 2015/16 refugee aid mission. The German Red Cross focuses on its own structures, local authorities and actors from the health sector. The results will be processed in a practical way in order to be transferred into a digital qualification concept, which offers the possibility of being integrated into the education and training systems of the relevant actors and thus also of the German Red Cross.

Reference to recommendations for action:

SiKoMi refers to “optimal coordination and deployment of personnel resources” and “socio-spatial networking on site“.

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    Project Partner: University of Wuppertal, German Police University, time4you GmbH

    Associated Partner: Supervision and Service Administration Body Trier, Federal Association of Security Industries, German County Association, German Association of Towns and Municipalities, European Homecare GmbH, Police University of Rhineland-Palatinate, German Red Cross district branch Berlin-Müggelspree e.V., German Red Cross regional branch Lower-Saxony e.V., administrative district of Dahme Spreewald, German Red Cross regional branch Rhineland-Palatinate, Berlin Police, Police Department Osnabrück, Police Headquarters Trier

    Funding source: BMBF



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