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Volume 4 - Strengthening of resilience through the welfare service

[Translate to Englisch:] Teil1 - Wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse zu Bedingungen für einen zukunftsfähigen DRK-Betreuungsdienst

Scientific findings on conditions for a sustainable GRC support service

Part 1 describes conditions under which a strengthening of resilience takes place through the welfare service: "voluntary commitment", "knowledge about the target group and its needs" and "networking". These conditions were identified on the basis of interviews with experts. In this publication series, both the state of scientific research and the current status in the GRC on the three topics are reviewed and presented.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Teil 2 - Die Sicht der DRK-Einsatzkräfte: Dokumentation der vier Regionalkonferenzen Betreuungsdienst

The view of the GRC task forces: Documentation of the four regional conferences welfare service

Part 2 documents and evaluates the results of the four regional conferences welfare service (2016/17). At the conferences, GRC emergency services discussed the care capacity of the welfare service and the associated challenges.

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[Translate to Englisch:] Teil 3 - Die Sicht der DRK-Leitungskräfte: Dokumentation der Fachberatertagung Betreuungsdienst

The view of the GRC leaders: Documentation of the expert advisor conference welfare service 

Part 3 summarises the results of the expert advisor conference "welfare service".

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