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Publication series - Volume 5: Web 2.0 and social media in civil protection

Volume 5 of the research series is devoted to the topic “Web 2.0 and social media in civil protection”. Social media have long been established in our society as a communication tool. Social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular and are gaining in importance even in crisis and disaster situations. These processes of change also influence the work of the GRC associations.

Volume V Part 1

Scientific findings on the use of social media in crisis and disaster situations from the perspective of the German Red Cross

[Translate to Englisch:] Cover Band V: Web 2.0 und Soziale Medien im Bevölkerungsschutz

In the first part, the further development of the Internet in the form of Web 2.0 and social media is presented. Potentials and possible applications in civil protection and disaster control are summarized and structured.

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