The GRC-Research

We live in a continuously changing society. Its demographics, the conditions of communication and information, the range of services, health care issues and technological process are just a few of the countless factors and challenges facing existing and active participants in an ever changing society.

In order to do justice to these developments, the German Red Cross (GRC) – as the National Red Cross Society of the Federal Republic of Germany and as a voluntary aid society of the German authorities in the humanitarian field – has been actively involved in relevant (academic) professional discourses for many years and conducts application-oriented research and development work. The observations and analyses of social development processes in connection with experiences from missions throughout Germany build important focal points in the approach of the GRC.

The GRC can draw on the experience and knowledge of a unique global network of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies. In addition, a very close exchange is maintained with the globally active reference centres of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, other national and international authorities and organizations with security tasks, universities as well as companies and technology clusters.

  • About us

    The GRC participates in various research projects with the aim of optimising concepts in the disaster control. The GRC-Research plays a central role as a mediator between science and the active actors in civil protection.
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  • Research focus

    Based on the needs of the association, which are determined in an ongoing process, the GRC analyses change processes in the society in a scientific context with relevance for the tasks of the GRC in the civil protection.
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