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DRK e.V. DRK e.V.

Socio-spatial approach to civil protection

(18.01.2019) The English version of the publication series 6 was released at the end of the research project KOPHIS, which dealt with the strengthening of resilience of vulnerable groups in civil protection. This volume contains findings to which extent vulnerable groups of elderly people who are cared for at home and people in need of care are affected by crises, large-scale emergencies, and disasters. By combining networking and local participation, the KOPHIS research project has demonstrated a way to a more social space-oriented civil protection.

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Fachberatertagung DRK e.V.

Symposium of disaster services expert advisers

17./18.11.2018 in Braunschweig: The final results of the INVOLVE project were presented on this year‘s symposium of the disaster services expert advisers. Tanja Knopp, deputy federal leader of the stand-by services, was very pleased about the gain in knowledge of the project. The resulting practical recommendations for the disaster services will now be further implemented in the association. The participants also used the results of INVOLVE at the conference to develop a national strategy for disaster services.

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Band_IV_Teil_4_Bild_deutsch.jpg DRK e.V.

Publication series Volume 4 English version

(20.12.2018) At the end of the INVOLVE project, an English version of the research publication series is released: “Strengthening of Community Resilience – The German Red Cross Disaster Services. Recommendations for Action Based on Research Results”. It summarizes the main project results for an international audience. It points out central conditions for sustainable GRC disaster services in the face of societal developments in Germany and documents the viewpoint of GRC fieldworkers. Finally, recommendations for the GRC disaster services to meet future needs are presented that were developed in cooperation with GRC experts from different regional branches.

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BMBF Innoforum DRK e.V.

BMBF Innovation forum „Civil Security“

19/20 June 2018 in Berlin: The conference on the framework programme "Research for Civil Security" aims at the exchange of actors from the specialist scene and was well attended by over 600 participants. Ms. Szepan, Head of the Nursing Department of the AOK Federal Association (see photo above, right) showed great interest in the research work of the GRC and the publication series. 

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Schriftenreihe Band 6 Teil 1 Jan Woitas

Publication series Volume 6 Part 1

(15.10.2018) Volume 6 of the series deals with elderly people and those in need of care in crises, major emergencies and disasters. This first part serves as an introduction of the content. Scientific findings and practical challenges are presented. In addition to the research-based approaches, the research project KOPHIS is introduced.

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Schriftenreihe Band 5 Teil 1 DRK e.V.

Publication series Volume 5 Part 1

(02.10.2018) Volume 5 is devoted to the topic "Web 2.0 and Social Media in Civil Protection". Social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular and are gaining in importance even in crisis and disaster situations. These processes of change also influence the work of the GRC associations. In the first part, the further development of the Internet in the form of Web 2.0 and social media are presented.

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vergangene_news_zukunftsfaehige_betreuungsdienste.jpg Andreas Baudisch

Publication series Volume 4 Part 3

(02.10.2018) Volume 4 documents the results of a scientific study on the strengthening of social resilience by the disaster control specialist service "Betreuungsdienst"/"disaster services". Part 3 summarizes the results of the Consultants' Conference "disaster services". Martin Bullermann, head of federal emergency services, (see picture above) discussed experiences, needs and suggestions for improvement with his consultants.

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