Founding sources

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

Research for civil security

The Federal Government’s framework program “Research for Civil Security 2018-2023” aims to increase civil security in the society from threats by means of innovative solutions while maintaining the balance between security and freedom.

Funding priority "Strengthening cohesion in times of crisis and upheaval"

The objectives of the funding priority "Strengthening cohesion in times of crises and upheavals" are to examine the effects of crises and upheavals on social cohesion in Germany and Europe and to create practical knowledge on how social cohesion can be maintained and crises and upheavals can be shaped peacefully under crisis conditions.


European Commission


"Horizon 2020" EU Research Framework Program

The aim of the EU Research Framework Program is to strengthen the scientific and technological bases of the industry community, to promote the development of its international competitiveness and to support all research activities deemed necessary. The focus here is on the creation of a European Research Area through an increased and more efficient bundling of European research efforts and capacities. The 7th EU Research Framework Program expired on Dec 31st 2013. In 2014 the EU Research Framework Program "Horizon 2020" was launched and runs until 2020.    


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