Destroyed Area after floods in Germany: Donate now
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Germany Floods: Donate now

The German Red Cross is asking for donations in order to be able to support the affected people: Donation inside the EU or Donation outside the EU

Servere floods in Germany

The German Red Cross (GRC) sees no signs of relief for many people in the disaster areas in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate yet. "The situation is disastrous and remains threatening. It is still a matter of saving lives and providing people with the most necessities", said DRK President Gerda Hasselfeldt. Many communities are still hard to access, she added. More than 3,500 GRS volunteers and staff members are working continuously on the ground. They received support from the German Red Cross Headquarter and Red Cross regional associations from all over Germany.

The German Red Cross is also calling for donations for people affected by the disaster.

Flood relief efforts

"Volunteers and GRC staff members are working non-stop to care for people who have been evacuated from their homes, nursing homes, and hospitals. Many of them endanger themselves in the process. I would like to thank them and express my utmost respect for their tireless efforts. As things stand, we are preparing for the fact that the people in the disaster areas will be dependent on our support for days and weeks to come. Many have lost all their belongings," said GRC President Hasselfeldt.

The GRC urgently advises volunteers from outside to refrain from simply traveling to the disaster areas. This would jeopardize the coordinated relief efforts. Volunteers in the affected areas should contact the respective district authorities, which are coordinating the disaster relief operations.


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