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  1. Forecast-based Financing

Related Documents – Overview

Pilot countries

Forecast-based Financing in Peru | PDF

FbF - El Niño in Peru | PDF

Document Mozambique | PDF

Document Bangladesh | PDF

FbF in Bangladesh | Video

German Red Cross – National Headquarters

Forecast-based Financing - An innovative approach | PDF

Forecast-based Financing - A policy overview | PDF

Closing the Gap | PDF

Action Plan for Humanitarian Adaptation to Climate Change | PDF

Guideline for Climate Risk Analysis | PDF



Dialogue Platform – Workshop reports

Dialogue Platform IV (December 2016) | PDF

Dialogue Platform III (July 2016) | PDF Part I | PDF Part II

Dialogue Platform II (December 2015) | PDF

Dialogue Platform I (July 2015) | PDF

Scientific publications

Forecast-based financing: climate science and timely funding of early actions in an anticipatory humanitarian system (Together We Stand, 2016) | PDF

Forecast-based financing: an approach for catalyzing humanitarian action based on extreme weather and climate forecasts (Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 2015) | PDF

Forecast-based Action (2015)  | PDF



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