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Formerly a bi-annual event, the Dialogue Platform now takes place once a year in Berlin. Additionally, three regional Dialogue Platforms are being held in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The events gather meteorologists, climate scientists, humanitarian actors and donors to work on scientific topics in the humanitarian context, improving the use of weather and climate data.

The Dialogue Platforms' overall goal is to develop a methodology for Forecast-based Financing as a response to the challenges of a changing climate, together with partner agencies and pilot countries. Experience from current pilots by the WFP and the Red Cross Red Crescent (National Societies and the Climate Centre) is blended at the Dialogue Platforms with scientific expertise to fine-tune the work.

For more information and outcomes of the past Dialogue Platforms, please see below.


Global Dialogue Platform
Berlin, 4 - 5 October 2017

The report of the Dialogue Platform can be found here.

We are also proud to present you a movie that was created during the two days in Berlin

Wanna know more about Forecast-based Financing? Join our evening event on 4 October in Berlin!
The report of the 1st Asia Dialogue Platform has just been published. Have a look!

Experience Forecast-based Financing in Virtual Reality at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction from 22-26 May. We will be present at the German booth at the market place. Come over and experience in virtual reality how the concept of FbF works in practice in Togo

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