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Become a donor and strengthen the GRC

If you want to be charitable and make a sensible difference for the well-being of the underprivileged, invest your money in one of the two German Red Cross foundations or establish your own foundation under the umbrella of the GRC.

Yields from the foundation's capital are used for the benefit of the community without any state levies. This broadens the possible activities for our projects and gives you the security to invest your money where it is actually needed. The equity capital of the foundation remains untouched by these activities. Be it that you decide to establish your own foundation or a donation foundation, your support enables us to plan and implement long-term projects. Additionally, the state supports your commitment with numerous tax incentives.

  • Establishing a foundation together with the GRC

    You can establish a private or a corporate foundation under the umbrella of the GRC. This enables us to provide direct, long-term, and sustainable support to give people in crisis regions a chance to create their own future. Resting our work on a foundation gives us the planning reliability we need for our work. If you wish, the legal department and asset management of the German Red Cross can take care of all contractual issues for you. The Foundation Advisor of the GRC will be glad to inform you in further detail about all aspects of the various types of foundations. Contact us to make an appointment.

    We can establish and manage the following types of foundation for you:

    • Trustee foundation
    • Family foundation
    • Endowment foundation
    • Umbrella foundation
    • Hybrid foundation
    • Endowment funds
    • Trust loans
  • Supporting a GRC foundation

    In a donating foundation, you provide assets to the foundations of the German Red Cross, the DRK-Stiftung Zukunft für Menschlichkeit (RC foundation future for humanity) or DRK-Stiftung Rotkreuz-Auslandshilfe (international RC aid foundation). With the yields from the foundations, we can ensure and drive our national and international work. The work does not affect the foundation's equity capital leaving it fully maintained. Only the yields (i.e. interests) are used in the framework of the designated goal of the foundation. The conditions for your donating foundation are very flexible. You can set the timeframe and determine what the GRC will use your money for. Our programme managers and experts will be happy to present the different projects to you or to discuss your ideas. A comprehensible and due status report on your project is a natural base for us. Please contact our experienced legal advisors and asset managers for consultation.

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