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The international Red Cross Aid Foundation - aid for self-help

The international RC aid foundation supports aid for self-help in order to counteract migration in countries affected by disasters. The long-term activities of the GRC strengthen the resilience of the people directly in the crisis regions and enable them to act beyond a current emergency situation.

Sustainability and long-term orientation are the key features of the international GRC aid. This is why the projects of the international Red Cross aid foundation support building organically grown infrastructures that will not only benefit present, but also future generations. To do this the GRC closely cooperates with members of National Red Cross Societies that work locally.

  • Projects sponsored by the international Red Cross aid foundation

    The foundation concentrates on sponsoring projects that do not profit from the major fund raising projects. This means placing a focus on disaster preparedness and long-term development cooperation. This aims to guarantee people in affected areas a stable livelihood and to enable them to cope with future challenges independently.

    Meanwhile, National Red Cross Societies have been founded in 190 countries. Thanks to this broad network, the German Red Cross has access to all relevant information in the crisis regions in which it is active. In this way, it can efficiently control its funds and activities.

  • Successful projects funded by the international RC aid fund

    Fighting poverty of women in Albania

    Large parts of the population in Albania live in rural areas and over half of Albanians live in poverty. Because of their limits in education and their low social position, this poverty applies especially towards women. Together with its sister society, the Albanian Red Cross, the GRC supports women in Albania to fight poverty and attain equality. The Red Cross volunteers and aides work with 120 women aged 18 to 45 years old.



    Measures to fight drought in Madagascar

    Together with activists in Madagascar, the GRC develops strategies to deal with the consequences of climate change. This includes activities to compensate for lost harvests and to collect enough clean water. To make these activities a success, the GRC supports peasant farmers in adapting their farming to the changing conditions.

  • How and where can I donate to a project of the international Red Cross aid foundation?

    The International Red Cross Aid Foundation is thankful for every donation. Your donations will be spent once every year directly on the individual projects. The donations are also tax-deductible.

    Please transfer your donation to:

    DRK-Stiftung Rotkreuz-Auslandshilfe

    Berliner Sparkasse
    Bank no. 100 500 00
    Account no. 190446676

    IBAN: DE58100500000190446676

  • How are donations to foundations handled?

    Donations to foundations are directly added to the equity capital of the international Red Cross aid foundation and remain unaffected. Once a year, the GRC donates the financial yield of the equity capital to the individual projects. Donations to foundations are also tax-deductible.

  • How can I establish a foundation under the umbrella of the GRC?

    You can establish a private, trustee, endowment, or family foundation under our umbrella. Donors and founders are regularly informed about the foundation's equity capital and the projects supported with the yield.

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