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Our foundations

The assets of the foundations of the German Red Cross (GRC) are an important pillar to fund our work. Besides acute emergency relief, the GRC mainly supports long-term projects that aim to develop self-help in the affected crisis regions and disaster areas. To be able to do this in a consistent manner, the GRC relies on its equity capital.

This equity capital provides us with the necessary planning security. When providing aid, we always leave our equity capital untouched, and merely make use of the capital yield to pursue the goals of the foundation. The goal of our foundations is to provide people worldwide with a stable livelihood.

Donors can help the GRC in two possible ways. One is that we establish and manage a foundation together with you under the umbrella of the GRC. The other is that you provide access to your assets to one or both foundations of the German Red Cross, i.e., the DRK-Stiftung Zukunft für Menschlichkeit (GRC foundation future for humanity) or DRK-Stiftung Rotkreuz-Auslandshilfe (international RC aid foundation). In both cases the government will support your commitment with numerous tax incentives. We will be glad to consult with you about the different foundation models of the GRC, either in person or by phone.

  • Become a donor

    With a donating foundation or your own foundation under the umbrella of the GRC, you can help us directly invest in projects that help people in need.

  • International Red Cross Aid Foundation

    The international GRC aid foundation supports aid for self-help. In doing so, the GRC reduces migration in crisis regions and strengthens the resilience of the local people.

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