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United in helping those affected by the flood disaster

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5.000 EURO

In the past few days, we have seen images from the immediate vicinity of our BioNTech sites that are beyond our imagination. The effects of the flood disaster in Europe and Germany are dramatic. Many people have lost relatives or friends. Others have had all their belongings taken away by the flood waters. At the same time, we see people standing together: Citizens, volunteers from the various emergency services and numerous businesses. We also want to join in and help. That's why we are getting involved as a company and why we would like to give you the opportunity to make a personal contribution at the same time. We are therefore launching a fundraising campaign for BioNTech employees in aid of the Red Cross.

In addition to the relief and rescue operations on site, the Red Cross uses the aid money received to support people who have lost their belongings because of the floods. With this renowned partner, we can be sure that our donations reach those that need them most.

Help us to reach our goal of 5,000€ by August 02, 2021!

It's easy: fill out the donation form, specify the amount and choose from one of the five payment methods (SEPA, PayPal, Instant Payment, credit card or Amazon Pay).

We thank all donors for their support!


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