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Andre Zelck / DRK

IMPACT – International Mobilization and Preparation for ACTion

All delegates are required to successfully complete the the IMPACT training courses preferably before deployment but not later than six months after deployment (depending on training courses conducted by German Red Cross or other National Societies).

International Mobilization and Preparation for ACTion (IMPACT) is a seven day training course facilitated by experienced trainers from the ICRC, Federation, and German Red Cross. The course is designed to provide additional training to participants and will prepare future Red Cross delegates for a mission with the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement by taking an in-depth look at the roles of the ICRC, the Federation, and National Societies in times of disaster and conflict. The course also covers practical subjects such as dealing with stress, security, and cross cultural awareness. Participation in IMPACT is by invitation only.

The objectives of the IMPACT in combination with the WORC courses are to:

  • Educate the participant on the history and principles of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, and to improve his or her understanding and commitment to the mandate and culture.
  • Provide context in situations on conflict, disaster, and relief.
  • Develop key skills for relief and development activities.
  • Promote a sense of teamwork and an understanding of how the Red Cross interacts with external organizations.
  • Provide knowledge and practical tips to help participants work effectively within a delegation.
  • Provide background information on the roles and responsibilities of delegates.
  • Discuss issues, problems, and challenges a delegate may encounter.
  • Provide an opportunity for the German Red Cross to reassess the participant’s suitability to work as a delegate.
  • Complete the evaluation process of the participants.
  • These objectives are achieved through the WORC correspondence module and a variety of discussions, group work, and practical inputs during the IMPACT course.



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