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Make a match: Participate in the Bayer employee donation program for flood victims

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Dear colleagues,

The severe storms of recent days have caused devastating damage in many parts of Germany. Many people have lost their possessions, their homes or even their loved ones. The German Red Cross (DRK) is in constant action with more than 3,500 helpers to help the people affected.

As a sign of solidarity, Bayer has already announced an immediate donation of EUR 500,000 to the German Red Cross. Our employees have also signaled a great willingness to donate. Bayer employees therefore have the opportunity on this page to donate and support the valuable work of the German Red Cross in the disaster areas. Bayer matches all donations made up to a total of EUR 100,000. 

How exactly does the employee donation program work?

All employees can donate to the flood relief efforts of the German Red Cross using the payment methods below, and Bayer will match the amounts donated. Example: An employee donates 10 euros to this initiative. Bayer doubles this amount: A total of 20 euros is donated to the German Red Cross. All donations up to a total of 100,000 euros are matched at a ratio of 1:1. The donation process is all digital.

Where does my donation go?

The donations made on this page support the flood relief efforts of the German Red Cross in Germany. The DRK decides which regions in Germany will be supported with the money depending on the acute need. 

Why is Bayer involved in the DRK's disaster relief efforts?

The flood disaster in western Germany has been a great shock to us as a company. We are deeply concerned by the extent of the storm damage and want to help. The German Red Cross has been a reliable partner for us for a long time, and we support it with donations for aid projects at home and abroad.

Let’s help together – Our joint support can make a big difference.

Thank you!

Bayer AG & German Red Cross


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