Sudan: Gesundheitsversorgung und Ernährungshilfe

Sudan: Health care and nutritional support

The conflict raging in Darfur in the West of Sudan continues. It has disastrous consequences for the population. Due to the destroyed infrastructure, lack of qualified medical personnel and the difficult security situation, the rural population has hardly any access to health care. Undernourishment and malnutrition also represent a major health risk. The German Red Cross has been active for more than 20 years in Sudan, working in close cooperation with its partner organisation, the Sudanese Red Crescent Society. In Darfur, the GRC has been active for more than 10 years despite the difficult security situation, conducting projects that provide health care and enhance food security.

Ensuring basic medical care, preventing undernourishment

A total of 11 local health posts provide access to the population in the surrounding villages. The German Red Cross supports medical care in the region by providing equipment to the health posts, supplying drugs as well offering training for the medical personnel. In addition to treating acute illnesses, other important aspects of the medical work are vaccination programmes and comprehensive support for pregnant women.

In order to prevent diseases and undernourishment and promote hygiene and balanced diets, educational and sensitization campaigns are organized. In this, local village health committees play an important role, which are trained by volunteers of the Sudanese Red Crescent Society. With this engagement outbreaks of illnesses and food shortages can be identified at an early stage.

In addition, the SRCS volunteers regularly examine small children for signs of undernourishment and refer for further treatment if needed.

Please also read the blog of Dietrich Fischer, a former GRC Head of Office in Sudan: "Is there hope for Darfur?"

Interview with Hannelore Schnelzer, former GRC Head of Office in Sudan

Hannelore Schnelzer talks about basic medical care in Sudan and the work of the GRC, former GRC Head of office in Sudan

The project

Region: Mellit, North-Darfur

Duration: 01 July 2015 ‑ 31 January 2016

Project volume: Euro 350,000

Finance: European Commission Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO),

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