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The Philippines: Sustainable Commitment

Due to climate change, the Philippines are affected by natural disasters throughout the whole year. The German Red Cross works together with the Philippine Red Cross to make the population more resilient.

The GRC has been active on the Philippines since 2008. From the beginning it regularly assisted the Philippine Red Cross with on-site emergency relief and rehabilitation after natural disasters.

The activities of the GRC on the Philippines focus on disaster preparedness. Measures concerning this matter are not only integrated into the rehabilitation period after natural disasters, but are carried out in the long term.

Preparedness and climate change adaptation

The Philippines are one of the countries most affected by natural disasters with more than 20 typhoons every year. This phenomenon massively affects the livelihood, the property and the well-being of the Philippinos. Therefore, the German Red Cross and the Philippine Red Cross work closely together with the population to minimize the risk of events and to adapt to the effects of the climate change.

We achieve this by

  • Awareness-raising campaigns on disaster preparedness
  • Assistance in developing disaster preparedness plans
  • Spreading the knowledge in communities and schools

Building resilience through commitment

The German Red Cross supports the educational work and activities in communities and schools by which people are trained on how to prepare for existing risks and how to react to them.

The awareness raising and training activities cover the following questions:


  • What is disaster preparedness compared to disaster response?
  • How can you protect yourself against the impacts of a natural disaster and how can you minimise risks?
  • How do you develop and implement a disaster risk reduction plan for your owncommunity or school?
  • How are evacuations carried out?
  • How do you help your community or school during a disaster?
  • How do you provide first aid?
  • What is climate change and which areas of life are affected by it?
  • How do you prepare for the progressing climate change?

Additionally, the GRC supports small-scale mitigation activities to support and improve early warning systems, safety of evacuation routes and contingency plans.

The project

Region: The Philippines, northern Luzon, provinces of La Union, Ilocos Sur, Ifugao, Benguet
Funding: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
Project volume: 600000 Euro
Partner: Philippine Red Cross
Funding: Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

For more information about our projects in disaster preparedness, please refer to:

EuropeAid, GIZ

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